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    Welcome to Queen of Apostles Parish! /parish-registration _self
    https://www.givecentral.org/appeals-form-registration/acp635b68c6e4287/user/guest _blank
    Pray with us! https://qofa.org/respect-for-life _self
    Join us for Eucharistic Adoration every Saturday from 3pm-5pm. /calendar _self
    click here /church-on-fire _self
    https://qofa.org/stellar-vacation-bible-camp _self
    NATIONAL EUCHARISTIC REVIVAL https://www.dsj.org/eucharistic-revival/ _blank
    If you are new to the rosary, click here for a tutorial, and links, then join us weeknights at 7pm for a virtual community prayer. /pray-the-rosary _self
    Queen of Apostles is now on MyParish Learn how to sign up here /connect-with-us _self